Your Biz, Only Better


Your mom thinks you need to go back to papering cars, your sister wants you to pay for social media advertising, your brother-in-law thinks you’re a waste of space, your customers want deeper discounts and we want you to feed your systems with enhanced vendor catalog data!!! GEEZ.  

Do you ever feel like stomping a foot and yelling, “BUT THIS IS MY STORE, DANGIT! I’LL DO WHAT I WANT!”?

We get it. And yes . . . it was, is and always will be your store – but when you improve your data it’s your store, ONLY BETTER.  

You see, Amber Engine isn’t here to tell you how to mind your business. We’re here to make it EASIER to mind your business and provide your customers with the relevant, up-to-date information on the products you sell – without any extra effort, headaches or troubles from your internal team. Here’s how:


Every week, your team receives an update on the products you represent. This includes changes to things like colors and fabrics that your team may miss because no one is paying as much attention to the products you sell as we are. After all, that’s our entire job. So, we automatically send an update that’s formatted for compatible use with most business systems.


Now, back to what we said about product details being our job. When you work with Amber Engine to keep your vendor catalog data complete, you can rest assured that the information is accurate because we do our homework. Then, when a customer asks a question about the weight or dimensions of a product, you’re certain that what you’re sharing is the truth. This manages customer expectations in a way that builds confidence and trust in your business.


If your retail store has an online entity, it’s likely that you don’t list everything you sell on your site. Why? Because importing the relevant catalog data is time consuming. When you upload the data from your Amber Engine spreadsheet, you’re able to upload more products faster to ensure that people find what they’re looking for online and make the purchase – whether online or in store. The moral of the story? If you’re not listing your products online, you’re missing customers because everyone starts their purchase journey with a search.


Now you’re listening, huh? Did you know that it’s actually more affordable to use a vendor catalog data enhancement service like Amber Engine than it is to do the work in-house? Believe it or not, it can be THOUSANDS of dollars cheaper. Why? Because we do the time-consuming leg work that would ordinarily be left to your employees – like calling manufacturers to verify facts and fill in incomplete information. When you work with Amber Engine, your employees are free to interact with customers, manage marketing initiatives and grow your business.  

Yes, we understand that your sister, co-workers, parents and just about everyone else has ulterior motives when offering “helpful suggestions” for your business. So, it’s hard to believe that a company backs up their promises with a team of hard-working employees with amazing work ethic. But, it’s easy to understand why we simply want to see you succeed . . . your success is our success.

When you’re able to provide your customers with accurate product information quickly, we all win.

When you’re out from behind the desk and working face-to-face with your clients, we all win.

When you’re increasing sales exponentially because you’re listing your entire inventory online, we all win.

When you’re going to bed happy and feeling successful at night, we all win.

It’s simple really – Amber Engine cuts the chaos of vendor data spreadsheets to give you more time to run your business your way. That’s why we say that with us, it’s your business, only better. Take THAT, brother-in-law.

Getting started is easy. Simply drop us a note and we’ll be in touch to talk through what you need to update and enhance your product information.

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