It’s Time to Talk About Time (& Your To-Do List)


As a Next Generation Furniture Retailer, you’re hurdling human resources issues, insurance premiums, sales and grouchy people. And, so far, you’re doing a great job. But we’re willing to bet that there’s one thing you desperately want at the end of every day . . .

More time.

After all, your kids aren’t getting any younger, your key relationships aren’t as strong as you’d like them to be and someone desperately needs to train the dog or you’re not going to have any furniture left at home.

And you know what? Your request isn’t so far off base.

As a retailer, your time is precious. You shouldn’t be going on wild goose chases to find out whether or not the arm chairs a favored client loves are available in fuchsia – or any color for that matter. You deserve a simpler, easier, more streamlined way to get the answers and information you need about the products you sell.

That’s why Amber Engine delivers.

Our company sends a single place to find vendor catalog data for the brands your business carries in an industry-standard format that’s complete, fact-checked, up-to-date and easy-to-import into your existing business systems and website.

Say goodbye to the chaos of spreadsheets and say HELLO to time. GLORIOUS TIME! When you subscribe to our service, you are freed from the computer screen to start connecting with your customers and selling more furniture. In this way, you can leave work at a reasonable hour to go to the softball game, meet your S.O. for supper and review the rules of “leave it” with Snarls the Schnauzer.  

With Amber Engine, there are no blank fields for your team to fill in. There is no time spent searching for information your clients need. There is no delay in taking your newest inventory additions to market. There is no hesitation in the sale.

We give you the information you need in a single, weekly delivery.

In the past, retailers like your parents or grandparents had to do all the work manually. This resulted in a tremendous loss of time and money for the company. And, because of the cumbersome way people used to do business, the average retailer presently only lists about 40% of the products they sell on their website.

WHAT? Less than half of products available are listed as products for sale? That doesn’t sound like good business.

Because of archaic processes, retailers were/are willing to forego 60% of potential sales because loading vendor catalog data manually is too time consuming.

Thankfully times have changed!

Unfortunately, habits haven’t.

People have this horrible saying, “Better the devil you know,” but we’re pushing back with an emphatic, “REALLY?!?!?”

When you come home from Market, would you really rather spend hours upon hours manually entering 100 painful new SKUs into your system? Or would you rather create a complete set of vendor catalog data with a few clicks of the mouse and have time leftover to chat with customers about the trends you saw?

Yes, changing your company’s manual process can be scary. But do you want to sacrifice another sale because your website didn’t have enough product information to convince a customer to click the buy button? Do you want to spend hours on hold to find out if flannel is an upholstery option?

Or do you want to watch your daughter in ballet class?

As a Next Generation Furniture Retailer, you know better than anyone that time doesn’t stand still. In fact, there’s no better proof of it than your running the show – when the only thing you used to run was up and down the aisles after school.

So, why not make a better choice for yourself and your family’s furniture business? Empower your business, educate your sales staff and give yourself the gift of time. Sign up for Amber Engine to receive automatic delivery of complete, accurate and up-to-date vendor catalog data that’s already formatted for use with your business systems. Then, get off the computer! Your mom would tell you that you’re spending too much time ‘on screens’ anyway.

Take control of vendor catalog data to take ‘losing time’ off your to-do list.  


In our next installment, we’ll take a look at the challenges associated with change and why it doesn’t have to be so bad.