Better Data, Better Sales

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As a seasoned retailer, you might have a bit of a chicken or egg dilemma on your hands when it comes to building trust with your customers. Does trust beget shopping? Or does shopping beget trust?  

To some of you . . . eh, who are we kidding, to most of you, you probably don’t give a whit if trust or shopping come first as long as people are buying your products. But what if we told you that, either way, there is a way you can do it better.

When the information used to describe your products is complete, it gives customers a sense of confidence in your business and, in turn, your product. So, to increase sales, the best way to get to clicks is through accurate, complete and up-to-date vendor catalog data.

MoneyCrashers suggests consumers consider the following, in order, when shopping for home furnishings online.

1.       Photos

2.       Descriptions

3.       Measurements

4.       Reviews

5.       Colors

Why? Because these are need-to-know facts that should be front-and-center for people who want to buy a sofa, chair or throw rug. Although color is tricky – as shades show differently on different computer monitors. So, on the screen, one person’s aubergine could be another person’s lavender – which makes that accurate vendor catalog data description all the more essential for good business.

When some of that information is missing, doubts begin to creep into the minds of your customer. Not only about the credibility of the product – but about the reliability, honesty and integrity of the retailer. In fact, a consumer study by Product Lighthouse revealed that 65% of consumers are less likely to complete a purchase from a retailer that lists incomplete product data.

Working with a company like Amber Engine to ensure that your vendor catalog data is complete, accurate and up-to-date helps build the trust that earns the click. It also protects your furniture store’s reputation and preserves the integrity of your legacy. After all, you’re a hard-working retailer who says what she means and means what she says. Your product details should reflect that level of truth to assure your buyer’s decision - in your business and in your products.

If you’re ready to amp up the trust factor of your furniture store by giving your customers the information they need to make a purchase with confidence, Amber Engine is ready to help.

Here’s how it works. Amber Engine receives catalog data from vendors and combs through it to fill in missing pieces and verify the accuracy of the information listed. (You know, first hand, that vendors or manufacturers sometimes get lazy and/or make typos when it comes to this level of detail.)  

Our team then formats the data into an easy-to-download file that works with most business and e-commerce systems. But we don’t stop there. We update said data regularly and send updates on weekly to ensure that your point-of-sale systems and website contain only the latest information about the products you sell.    

In short, we’re taking the chaos of vendor spreadsheets off your desk and committing the necessary time to completing the information – so you don’t have to. Then, when we do pass the information off to you, it’s in a format that’s super easy (read: super fast) to use. Goodbye, formatting frustration! See ya, vendor spreadsheets! HELLO, sweet relief and increased time on the sales floor!

With Amber Engine, you get the information you need to boost trust, improve your reputation as a retailer and watch sales skyrocket because better data means better sales. Yay you!

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