Major online retailers are growing rapidly, and you don’t know how to compete.

If a product is not listed on your website, the consumer is not going to come into your store to find it. Big online retailers are able to display a huge assortment of products that you can’t keep up with. It takes you hours to process and upload information for just a small number of products. How can you stay relevant in the customer’s search and get more product to your website faster?


Get products online faster.

What if you could get more product in front of more customers faster by increasing the speed at which you process catalog data? Amber Engine gives you a single place to import, map, and export catalog data into formats that fit your systems. The result is that you do business on a bigger scale and focus on the things that matter.




  • Save Time Searching & Formatting

  • Get more products online faster

  • Take Shoppers from Browse to Buy Faster


  • 40+ years of home furnishings experience

  • 100% dedicated to the home furnishings industry

  • We don’t restrict your data or hold it hostage on our software


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