What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt Sales

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Whether you’re inheriting a legacy or you’re new to the home furnishings industry, it’s easy to get stuck focusing on showroom sales and studying sales data. After all, if you don’t make sales you can’t pay your sales people, support staff and rent.

But what most people don’t realize is that the pieces of the business they’re overlooking (like vendor catalog data) actually COSTS them furniture sales.

Vendor catalog data – meaning the size, weight, color, fabric and romance language assigned to specific products – is the exact information that your customers want and need when making a purchase decision. Especially when buying something as significant as home furnishings.

Not only does vendor catalog data enhances your store’s online presence through enhanced SEO and keywords that make your product and store easier for people to find. It also serves as a valuable sales script on your showroom floor.

You see, when your sales staff uses vendor catalog data when sharing a conversation with a prospect, it personalizes the interaction and increases sales. “Why yes – this is available in Emerald Green.” “Actually, you won’t have to hire a moving company to get it in your apartment – it only weighs 25 pounds. Just call a friend and you should manage just fine!”

Alternately, we understand the day-to-day challenges you face as a Next Generation Furniture Retailer. You probably don’t have time to reheat the cup of coffee that’s still in the microwave from this morning – much less update vendor catalog data manually.

Listen, we understand the challenge – which is exactly why our company was formed - we help retailers, like you, create an easier, more efficient way to import the information you need to secure sales success.

In fact, 82% of retailers say that product data received from brands needs improvement. That’s a lot of data that requires your time and attention. We also understand that the manual enhancement process costs you money. Quite a bit of money as a matter of fact. The average retailer spends 7.5K on manual processes.

That’s why we propose a kinder, gentler, exponentially more affordable solution to the vendor catalog data conundrum.

Product data from Amber Engine arrives in an easy-to-import universal file with all fields complete and checked for accuracy. Better still, the file includes e-comm ready descriptions designed to delight your customers.

This means that you and your staff can get out from behind the computer.

This means that you have more time to do what you love, like SELL FURNITURE.

This means that you have additional tools at your disposal to be better equipped to answer your customers’ questions with confidence.

And better still – this means that your data updates weekly to ensure that you are always on top of your product game and can provide reliable answers that builds confidence from your customers and creates a strong reputation for your furniture company.

Your customers deserve better quality information to help them start and finish the buying cycle. Your business deserves timely and accurate information that positions your store as a product authority. Your staff deserves freedom from timely manual processes and file creation.

Don’t waste another second of your precious time doing something that lies outside of your proven skill set and natural talents. Automate the delivery of complete, accurate and up-to-date vendor catalog data with Amber Engine and enjoy better information from which to derive your sales script for an increase in sales.

After all, you were born to sell furniture and decor! Amber Engine frees you from your desk and gives you the details you need to sell with gusto.  

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