Amber Engine is a team on a mission to change how furniture companies manage catalog data from vendors. Our Founder and CEO Jennifer Gilbert turned a bright idea born of necessity into a scrappy start-up that’s changing the home furnishings industry one customer at a time. We’re bringing together innovation, technology, and a whole lot of grit to shift this industry forward.

Our Culture


In the office, who we are and what we do is shaped by our core values of commitment, integrity, growth and teamwork. These values impact the way we hold meetings to the time we spend team building outside the office. We’re here to work hard, fail fast, and learn along the way, so we can always deliver for our customers.

At the core of our culture is a collection of what we call “ISMS”. These are twenty (it’s a lot, we know!) original sayings from our parent company, Rock FOC. They have their own flavor of practical wisdom, like, “Take the roast out of the oven” and “The inches we need are all around us.”

Our Family

We’re proud to be a part of the Rock Family of Companies (FOC). Amber Engine, along with Quicken Loans, Rock Ventures, Bedrock, RocketFiber, and dozens of other companies, belongs to the Rock FOC umbrella of holdings. This foundation gives us the chance to get to collaborate with others accomplishing amazing things in business.


Our City


Detroit is the city we call home. Our office is nestled in the downtown district amid historic architecture, modern storefronts, and the bustle of fellow workers. We thrive on the energy, art, and ingenuity Detroit has to offer each and every day. We love Detroit for its fearlessness to keep dreaming, its endless possibilities, and the authentic, passionate work ethic of its people.

While we won’t answer which Detroit Coney Island is our favorite (Ameri- can and Lafayette - how to choose?) we will die on the hill that claims Detroit has the best sports fans in the country, hands down.