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Whether you’re a furniture dealer trying to stay competitive in the age of Amazon, or a vendor trying to ensure your dealers sell as much of your catalog as possible, Amber Engine has the solutions you’ve been seeking.





Major online retailers are growing rapidly, and you don’t know how to compete.



Beat them at their own game with ASSIST from Amber Engine.

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Remove the manual labor, simplify the process of getting catalog data updates onto your website, POS, kiosks, and online marketplaces and beat the big online retailers at their own game! Instead of manually manipulating spreadsheets or contacting your rep for a useable format, and then waiting hours or even days, you can simply import the raw vendor file into ASSIST, select the product data fields that match yours, and export the data into the format that fits your system.

ASSIST has three easy steps:

new import.png
MAP new.png
export NEW.png

Save time, and your sanity, for less than you spend on gas every month. Contact our team for more information!





Your dealers are having trouble converting visits to sales, online and in store.


Upgrade your content and increase conversion rates with ENHANCE from Amber Engine.

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Whether you’re selling online, through dealers, direct to consumers, or all three, you know that the buyer’s journey starts online. But did you know that 98% percent of shoppers have been dissuaded from completing a purchase because of incomplete or incorrect content? (1)

If the quality of product descriptions, specifications, and details you provide dealers or direct channels isn’t commerce ready, you can increase your sales across all channels by improving catalog data with ENHANCE by Amber Engine. From romance sales copy to accurate dimensions, ENHANCE upgrades your catalog data to make it commerce ready.

Faux Listing Before.jpg
Faux Listing After.jpg

Imagine the improvement seen above, multiplied exponentially over several thousand SKUs, and you’ll start to see how ENHANCE can transform your business.

Contact our team today for more information about Amber Engine’s ENHANCE solution.


(1) Source: Episerver