The Product Data You Deserve, All in One Place

Retailers deserve a simpler, smarter way to get information about the products they sell. Amber Engine provides just that. We give you a single place to find your brands’ product data, in an industry-standard format that’s easy to import.

Data is complete, accurate, and timely for today’s omni-channel shoppers. It’s always up-to-date, so you never have to ask about inventory, pricing, or feature changes.

Don’t drown in the chaos of spreadsheets, missing information, and manual effort any longer. There’s a better way with Amber Engine.


Save Time Searching & Formatting


Accelerate Speed to Market


Take Shopper from Browse to Buy


Ignite Your Selling Potential

The average retailer manages 3,500 active SKUs in retail management or point of sale systems, but only lists 40% of their products online.1
Each market, the average retailer manually enters information for 100 new products.2

1.Amber Engine

2.Amber Engine