Taking Product Data off Your To-Do’s

Growing your furniture business shouldn’t require you to manage the chaos of product data! Creating, formatting, and updating product data steals your valuable time and resources. And, let’s be honest, what you give to retailers may not always be consistent, accurate, or up-to-date.

Amber Engine offers you a better solution. It works like this.



If your product data could use some TLC, take advantage of our Product Data Enhancement.

This service helps make sure all your product attribute fields are complete and validated, and provides compelling, ecommerce-ready features and descriptions to delight your shoppers. Your retailers get the quality information they need, and your shoppers get more reasons to buy.


What about sharing that product data? So glad you asked.

Amber Engine gives your retailers a single place to access your product catalog. We put your data in an industry-standard template that stays the same for all retailers - no customizing or coordinating on your end. And, when you have updates (inventory, pricing, new features), your changes are displayed for you. It’s a no-hassle, streamlined solution for your retailers (and you!).


Gain Better Quality Data


Avoid Custom File Creation


Save Time, Money, and Manpower


Focus on What Really Matters

82% of retailers say the product data they get from brands needs improvement.1

1.Amber Engine Fuel Insights