Amber Engine is a software company dedicated to empowering innovation. We believe that technology should simplify work and empower people. Our pioneering solutions reduce manual effort and multiply the potential of the people who use them.

Our Founder and CEO Jennifer Gilbert turned a bright idea born of necessity into a scrappy start-up that’s changing the home furnishings industry one customer at a time. We’re bringing together innovation, technology, and a whole lot of grit to shift this industry forward.

Since 2010, Amber Engine has been working with the home furnishings industry to understand and solve the problems most important to you. Everyone in the industry understands that you need an eComm friendly website to stay competitive. Amber Engine understands how hard it is to make (or run) a good one, using spreadsheets for managing catalog data.

In 2019, Amber Engine launched a new web-based platform called Assist. Assist is a simple, affordable, and easy to use catalog data management solution for furniture dealers and vendors. Anywhere you use catalog data, Assist helps get it there faster, and with fewer headaches, so you can get more customers into your store and have more time to sell furniture. Stop wrestling with spreadsheets and take your first big step toward converting online browsers to in-store buyers!



The first half of our name references the Amber Room, once regarded as the 8th wonder of the world. Constructed in Russia at the beginning of the 18th century, the Amber Room was covered by ornately carved panels of pure amber and gold. The panels were stolen by Nazis during World War II, hidden somewhere in Europe and never found again. Like all great mysteries, the legend of the Amber Room offers itself to the imagination, calling to those with the ingenuity and determination to seek it, and those who understand that every step of a journey is a destination in itself.

The second half of our name is more self explanatory. Amber Engine was founded in the Motor City, and our company believes that technology should simplify work and empower people, in the same spirit as all truly revolutionary inventions, from the wheel to the internal combustion engine.


Our city

Our office is nestled in downtown Detroit amid historic architecture, modern storefronts and the bustle of fellow workers. We’ve seen our city change from a place of infinite but unrealized possibility to a thriving community of artists, chefs, musicians and new businesses. While we won’t go on record to say which Detroit coney is our favorite (American or Lafayette? A real Sophie’s Choice) we will encourage you to visit and decide for yourself!



In the office, who we are and what we do is shaped by our core values of commitment, integrity, growth and teamwork. These values impact the way we hold meetings to the time we spend team building outside the office. We’re here to work hard, fail fast, and never stop learning, so we can always deliver for our customers. At the heart of our culture are the famous ISMs of our parent company. At Amber Engine and the rest of the Rock FOC, ISMs are the ideals we live by. ISMs are who we are, more than what we do.


our family

We’re proud to be a part of the Rock Family of Companies (FOC) along with Quicken Loans, Rock Ventures, Bedrock, RocketFiber, and dozens of other companies. This foundation gives us the chance to collaborate with others accomplishing amazing things in business.


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