Increase Foot Traffic To Your Furniture Store
by Ranking Higher on Google

How does Assist help increase foot traffic?

Right now, people in your city are using their mobile phones to search for “furniture stores near me”. Does your store appear at the top of the search results? If not, you’re missing out on potential customers. 

Today, the information you used to get from speaking to a business owner or sales person (like business hours, location, phone number and address) is available 24/7,  in written form, on webpages. 

When you search for information about a business, product or service on the internet, search engines like Google “read” all those webpages for you and then offer the information they think is most relevant based on the search terms you used.

Search engines visit all the places your information lives, and they compare that information for consistency and completeness. If your information is consistent and complete in each place, that information is much more likely to be used by search engines when potential customers do a search for “furniture stores near me”. 

Sure, you have a Google My Business page, but what about Mapquest, Yahoo, Foursquare, Bing and many more maps, apps, and directories?

Is your information consistent across all those places? (Here’s an easy and free way to find out.)

If your business information isn’t correct and consistent you’ll be ranked lower by search engines and you’ll miss out on connecting with the next generation of customers! 

Assist features a tool that makes it simple to get correct, consistent information about your business to each of the places on the internet that search engines “read”. Built using local search best practices, this tool provides the ability to improve your ranking in local searches by making it easy to update business content across local directories, Google Maps, and social media as well as monitor reviews from customers and add those reviews to local listings and web pages.

Fill out important information in ONE place - and our tool sends that information to each of the places on the internet that search engines read. Your information is correct and consistent, so your local search ranking improves and mobile shoppers searching for “furniture stores near me” get your business information at the top of their search results.

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