Who has time for Product Data? You do.


You’re busy. And not just any kind of busy. You’re own-my-own-business, two-kids en route to soccer, German Shepherd drooling and shedding in the back, must get groceries before we die and, oh, we have to pack for Grandma’s house busy.

With that kind of hustle, it’s no wonder you’re not interested in adding anything to your to-do list, much less update the product data on your website. In fact, product data is so far down the list of things that you have time to think about that we might as well be writing d;oci neru rgSX OP Oadskjf4q 3t987. Right? Wrong.

We have a way you can get some time back AND build a better business – new assistant NOT required. The answer? Automation.

When you automate your product data, you’re not only maintaining the integrity of your business, you’re making more sales by doing less work.

Now I’m listening. How does product data do that?

Product data feeds the search engines that customers and would-be customers use to search for the products you sell. So, when they go online to find a tufted, forest green storage ottoman – the one that you just added to your inventory last week will show up.

Then, whether they order online or make the trip to your showroom to buy it in person and browse your other inventory, they’re buying happy because of a smoother customer journey. And all of that started with product data.

So, what exactly is product data?

Product data is specific information about each of the products you sell that make it real to the customer looking at it online. It’s the information that brings it to life.  

For example – we can say “chair,” or we can say “peacock blue velvet wingback chair with mahogany legs.” See the difference?  

Product data encompasses the size, weight, colors, textures and shipping details around a piece of furniture – including the romance copy that lets your customers “see” themselves living with the selection.

Okay – I get what product data is . . . but how can it be automated?

Companies like Amber Engine tap into the back end of your system and automatically download the specifics that our staff collected, fact-checked and finessed from the manufacturers you use. Then, with the push of a button, everything populates your website and sale portals to ensure you and your staff have the information you need to close or fulfill the order.

Fulfill the order?

Yes. Product data can also include inventory levels that let you know when product is running low at the manufacturer’s warehouse. Then, you can advise your customer accordingly.

Likewise, you’re also able to manage expectations when it comes to shipping. If you see that a piece comes in three heavy boxes and your client is a 64-year-old single woman, you’ll know to advise her on having help around on delivery day. Or, you can use that detail to go above and beyond and arrange to help her yourself, along with a staff member or two. Hellooooooo customer service! WOO!

So, with a service like Amber Engine, I don’t have to spend hours dealing with spreadsheets?  

That’s right. Our team takes headaches out of the equation. We import the product data, fact-check the information, brush up any copy that’s lagging and populate the system to make things push-of-a-button easy for you.

Then, when you need the information, it’s already there to help you answer questions, return higher in search and earn the attention you want and need from prospects and existing customers.

That’s awesome. How do I get started?

Just fill out our contact form or give us a call. A member of our team will answer all your questions and help you get started so you have more time for soccer, Sanford the dog and visits to MiMi.

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