The Endless Aisle: Opportunities & Challenges

the endless aisle.jpg

“The power to deliver an endless aisle of products to shoppers without the need for thousands of square feet of retail space is a gamechanger for everybody.” - Forbes

One of the ways online retail giants like Amazon and Wayfair draw customers in is by offering an almost limitless selection -  and if it works for them, it can work for you!

The concept of the “endless aisle” is a fairly simple one. Utilizing suppliers and drop-shipping, retailers can offer a huge selection of items on their website and sell these items to their customers, without needing to warehouse the products themselves.

Since the modern consumer begins their purchase process with online research, offering an endless aisle on your website increases the chance that you’ll show up at the beginning of their buying journey. Once people know you provide this kind of shopping experience, they’ll be back for more! Implemented in the right way, offering an endless aisle can lead to increased sales opportunities, traffic to your store and website and higher customer satisfaction.

However, adding hundreds (or thousands) of new items to your website is no small feat. Obtaining up-to-date product data spreadsheets, then organizing, saving, and editing that data for upload to your eCommerce platform takes hours and hours, and it’s work that is never truly complete.

That’s where we come in! Assist is a software solution designed for home furnishings dealers who understand that product content management for eCommerce is essential for channel success, and also unnecessarily labor-intensive.

Amber Engine designed Assist so that home furnishings retailers can store, organize, update and change the raw product data they receive from brands for deployment to their website, POS and other systems.

Assist gives your eCommerce team a single "source of truth" product content management tool so you can manage and review the product data you get from brands before it goes to your eCommerce platform or other systems.

Assist saves time and money by streamlining and simplifying product data management and enables users to reach goals previously prevented by the repetitive and time consuming tasks required for product data management and improvement.

Increased sales opportunities, traffic to your store, and higher customer satisfaction are all potential benefits of the “endless aisle” - not to mention the satisfaction of deploying a strategy pioneered by big online retailers to take back some market share from them. Simplify the process of adding more product to your website and meet the modern consumer where their purchase journey begins with an assist from Assist.