Think about the last time you told a story.

Perhaps you were at the table with your family or at a restaurant with friends.

As stories go, you probably had a beginning, middle and end, but the details in between is where you had your fun, right? Maybe you inflated a few details to make the adventure seem larger than life: we were in the middle of nowhere and hadn’t seen another car for hours. Or, perhaps you omitted key pieces to create suspense and keep your listeners guessing: I couldn’t make out the shadow clearly, but I could tell by the footsteps it was enormous. And that’s fun, for stories told at the dinner table or with friends.

In real life, when you tell the story of your products and services, you don’t want to leave customers guessing. That’s where product data comes in.

Product data consists of the information you use to tell the story of your products for your customers.

Yes, of course, it includes the romance copy – but that’s not where it stops. By data, we mean all dimensions, descriptions, pricing, availability, images and so on. Essentially, everything that a potential customer needs to know to turn him or her into a paying customer.

What’s more, product data doesn’t just drive sales. It powers everything, including POS systems, your company website and all in-store technologies. 

Think of it this way: product data is the digital equivalent to the products you carry.

It’s the information your potential customer will use to virtually run their hand over the plush, turquoise velvet and feel the satisfying spring of the tufted sofa cushion. It’s the information a newlywed couple will use to make newspaper cutouts of their favorite pieces to arrange and rearrange in an effort to see how your furniture will work in their first home. 

It’s the beginning and the middle, but not the end.

Because, when you maximize your product data across multiple channels for flawless storytelling, you’re not penning an ordinary story. You’re writing a fairytale, and Amber Engine wants to help you reach your happily ever after.