Stay Competitive Without Becoming Amazon or Wayfair


As a home furnishings expert, you have the capacity to do something the big online retailers can’t... sell face to face. No matter what, Amazon and Wayfair will never have your level of expertise, or your ability to connect with other human beings.

Now, bring that edge online, where today’s consumer begins their purchase journey.

“It turns out that the best way to compete with Amazon, is NOT to become an Amazon clone. Instead, you should focus on your strengths, and how best to bring them into the digital space by making strategic technology choices,” says Amber Engine’s Dan Wieczorek, Team Lead for Sales and Customer Success & Home Furnishings Business 2018 Forty Under 40 winner.

Nowadays, no one makes a major purchase without researching online first. Today's consumer wants to shop in a low pressure environment. They want to know where and how a product was made. They insist on a wide selection of products, thoughtful descriptions, complete product details, helpful photography and smartly curated collections.

Well-managed catalog data is essential for attracting new customers, and building an eComm-friendly website that highlights your strengths and converts online browsers to in-store buyers.

If you’re a savvy business owner, you may already be aware of this issue. Maybe you’ve even taken steps to update your online presence to meet consumer demands.

But getting access to the information your customers want is easier said than done. Vendors send catalog spreadsheets that are missing half the information you need, and then you have to manually manipulate what little data there is to get it into your systems. It eats up valuable time you could be spending on more important things. It’s completely understandable if you’ve thrown your hands up in frustration.

You need an ASSIST.

Assist from Amber Engine is an easy to use, affordable, web-based catalog data management solution designed specifically for the Home Furnishings Industry.

Assist reduces manual labor and takes the technical headaches out of managing catalog data. Users save time & eliminate undesirable and frequently recurring tasks. Assist makes it easy to list more products on your website and eCommerce platform - which means your store shows up in more searches, and you increase your sales opportunities!

Anywhere you use catalog data, Assist helps get it there faster, and with fewer headaches, so you can get more customers into your store and have more time to sell.

Stop wrestling with spreadsheets and take your first big step toward converting online browsers to in-store buyers.

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