In 2016, Cyber Monday sales increased 10.2% from sales in 2015. If you’re rolling your eyes at a “mere” 10.2%, know that translates to a record-breaking $3.34B in single day sales. Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about 2017.

‘Tis the season for shopping, and these helpful hints will help you grab your slice of the Cyber Monday pie, whether you’re an old hand or you’re just diving in for the first time this year. Digital for the win! 

1.     Devise a strategy that includes a few interesting and enticing elements. Will you offer hourly deals? Secret offers? Coupons? Give-aways? A plan that includes a couple of distinctly different elements helps keep customers engaged throughout the day.

2.     Toot your own horn! Share your Cyber Monday deals with your audience with clever email blasts and social posts. People plan their Cyber Monday shopping lists early and you want to be on it. Also, if you’re taking advantage of pay-per-click advertising, you’ll want to consider increasing your spend for the days leading up to Cyber Monday. Doing so means you won’t max out and disappear to people searching for your merchandise.

3.     Change your website to reflect your Cyber Monday sale. Announce deals with a linked hero image or graphic – taking care to check and double-check the destination of your shopping links before go-live. Also, take the time to optimize your new images for mobile and tablet use.

4.     Get in the free shipping game. Think about how many times you’ve spent additional money on a website in the name of qualifying for free shipping. Don’t you think other shoppers do the same? If free shipping is out of reach for you as a furniture retailer, consider offering free in-store pickup for items that you only sell online.  

5.     Play up the X factor. The X factor is the driving emotion behind a person’s decision to participate in Cyber Monday. Whether you’re putting the word out on social channels, email marketing, ads or other channels, tap into the motivation factor(s) that drive your customers. Do they shop Cyber Monday for convenience? Savings? Safety? Whatever it is, use it! That’s what helps bring customers to your virtual door. 

As you execute your sales strategy, be sure to continue the conversation with your customers. Did you drop prices mid-day? Tell them! Did your giveaway begin? Share the news! When it comes to winning Cyber Monday, it all boils down to communicated value. You want to make your customers a deal they can’t refuse – but you must make sure they hear you.