Get Out of Your Own Way


Often, when we’re reasoning with ourselves about missed opportunities, dropped balls, shortcomings, oversights and other miscellaneous failures, we can’t see that we’re standing – firmly, resolutely and powerfully with hands on hips – in our own way. Release the resistance with our handy hacks that will get out of your own way and on the path of success.

Just do it.

More than a Nike slogan, it’s an impetus to get going. In the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age, Yogi Bhajan said, “When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.” So, whether you’re moving your product inventory onto an online store, opening a second location, franchising your business or beginning a new product line . . . begin. If you had the inkling, heard the call or felt that intuitive urge, that means the time is on you. And, it won’t leave you or your mind alone until you take a deep breath and begin. And you know what? That small step will lead to another, and another, and another. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to the dream becoming your reality.  

Record your actions. Highlight your wins.

When you stub your toe along the path, you can look back at this list to see how far you’ve come and how many things you’re doing right. It sounds silly, but when the self-doubt and worry creep in, this little journal helps you beat those monsters back with facts.

Stop multi-tasking.

You know what you need to do – so why are you checking email, playing Words with Friends and thumbing through a catalog all at the same time? Give the next task on your list complete attention and celebrate completions with a physical break away from your desk.

Consistency counts.

It’s easy to get distracted and put your passion project on hold because you’re so “busy” with other things. Fight the urge and keep moving forward with small, consistent steps to maintain the dopamine reward you’ve got going in your brain!

Create a superstar support system.

When you’re chasing your dream, there’s no room for nay-sayers and Negative Nancies. Thoughtfully construct an inner circle of leaders, do-ers, supporters and encouragers who help you stay focused on the positive and cheerlead your victories.

Automate everything.

When you take decision making and doleful tasks out of the equation, you leave yourself with more time and energy to do the things you love. At work, automate product data updates with a service like Amber Engine. At home, automate meals with a grocery delivery service or subscription box. When you take the mental work out of routine tasks, you save power for passionate pursuits.

Pay attention to distractions and find ways to disengage.

Pay attention to what you’re paying attention to. If you just spent 50 minutes watching kitten videos, set up website blocking software or set timers to keep yourself on track. Then, submerge yourself in the successful completion of your next task.

Cage the chattering monkey mind.

When the negative self-talk starts – and it will – shut it down fast. It’s easy to be your own worst enemy, especially when charting a course into an uncertain future. The bottom line - there are enough people in the world who will happily throw you under the bus, puke on your dreams and tell you the 6,937 reasons “you can’t.” You should never be one of them. Mute that monkey mind and speak to yourself in uplifting messages.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

The way you pursue your passion is singular to you. The way So-and-So does it is of zero importance. Play your own game – it’s the only one that matters.

Give back for added motivation.

It almost sounds counterintuitive to stop doing what you’re doing and help someone else. But, when you pause to lift someone in need, you’ll get an amazing energy boost that helps propel you toward your passion. Roll up your sleeves and serve at the soup kitchen, mentor a young professional, coach a high schooler or volunteer at your house of worship. You’ll feel better about yourself and work happily and more energetically toward building your brightest possible future.

As you strive to become a more competitive business person, you’ll fight many battles. But, not all of them are external. Getting out of your own way hits at the heart of the biggest internal battle you’ll face – the beliefs that cause barriers to your success. Dig in and do your work, get out of you own way and focus on the way you want to feel every day. When you focus on that feeling, rather than a milestone marker, you’ll be more motivated to continue taking step after step in happy pursuit of your passion.