Don't Dismiss The Data


You’re crazy busy running a furniture business! You may also be understaffed and overwhelmed. So, it’s completely understandable why you’re searching for shortcuts. But, sometimes, ‘fast’ isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Especially when it comes to incomplete vendor catalog data. And here’s why – all those cut corners cost your business sales.

Whether you’re brick-only or a combination of brick-and-click, people search for furniture with key features they deem important. Whether this is color, fabric, size, style or any number of other descriptors, they want to know if your store has XYZ product in stock.

If your vendor catalog data (the information used to describe the products you sell) isn’t up to date, the customer’s search won’t be populated with your store’s details as an answer to their interior style solution. And that is a problem. Especially when stores like yours lose market share to Amazon and Wayfair daily.

After all, how do you think they get all that business? Their product descriptions are complete, accurate and up-to-date.

C’mon, let’s be honest. We all know that Amazon’s prices aren’t the lowest, so you can’t claim that they’re undercutting. But you know what they do have going for them? Their ability to get a product front and center on the page when someone starts their search online.

So, if you’re going to be competitive and hold your store’s share of shoppers, it’s time to step up and take data seriously.

·       Vendor product data powers your website, improving search results.

·       It moves customers from browse to buy at a faster rate.

·       It completes your point-of-sale systems to ensure your staff always has the right answer.

·       And it deepens the level of trust in client relationships as you deliver what is promised.

This may not sound like a big deal to you, but it’s huge for your customers.

To get started, you could sift through countless vendor catalog data spreadsheets and painfully copy and paste everything into your system. You could call the vendor to fill in the missing pieces. You could manually update all new items for your system.

Or, you could let Amber Engine handle that for you.

Our affordable vendor catalog data solutions are backed by friendly, helpful professionals with 40-plus years of home furnishings experience. And, unlike other service providers, we remain 100% dedicated to the home furnishings industry. Yes, 100%. Home furnishings is all we do.

With Amber Engine, you gain speed and freedom from dutiful data entry because our staff handles that hard stuff for you. Goodbye manual tasks! Goodbye doleful phone calls! Goodbye time-consuming formatting!

And the best part? We won’t restrict your data or hold your data hostage on our software. Yes, that is (unfortunately) a thing. But we don’t want to gossip . . . so you might just want to give it a Google with all the spare time you get back using Amber Engine.

Is vendor catalog data easy to ignore? Sure. But if you take some time to look at it from a distance, you’ll see that putting your head in the sand about it only costs you sales.

Take data off your to-don’t list.  

Amber Engine makes it easy to get products updated and added to your website or POS system quickly – for a lot less than what you’re spending in time and frustration now.

Don’t dismiss data. It’s a revenue-generating piece of the profit puzzle that you simply can’t afford to ignore.