Dare to Do Product Data Differently


Listen, we get it . . . whether you’re a retailer or a manufacturer, product data is a drag. You’re typing, adding, finding, asking, listing, measuring and fact checking – hour, after hour, after hour, after hour, after hour.

Wouldn’t you like a few of those hours back?

Perhaps a better question for retailers might be, would you like $42,120?

According to our research, that’s how much the product data hustle currently costs your business. Add to that, after each market, the average retailer manually enters 100 new products into their system. (Spoiler: It’s #HPMkt time!) But, that’s a fraction of what’s really going on in the system. The bigger picture shows that the average retailer manages 3,500 active SKUs in retail management or POS systems, but lists only 40% of their products online.

Translation, you’re limiting your own sales potential and suffocating your income.

What if we told you that there’s a better way? What if we could help you stop impeding your own success?

Amber Engine offers an easy, streamlined and AFFORDABLE way to manage your product data – on both the manufacturing and retail sides of the business.

How? We host a single portal for both retailers and manufacturers to make product data transfer simple, easy and much more affordable than $42K in lost work hours and sales. And the best part? We use a simple-to-import, industry-standard format that’s agreeable with your existing system.

What this means for everyone is accuracy throughout the supply chain and increased revenues for all. After all, if retailers don’t get the information they need from manufacturers, they have difficulty moving product. Why? Today’s savvy consumer wants to know the specs, container size and weight just as much as they want to know the color, fabric and import status before making the decision to buy. They’re factoring shipping costs and the last mile into their purchase.  

And, after all that, if you still don’t think product data is really all that important, consider this: Product Lighthouse researched user preferences and habits to uncover that 65% of customers are LESS LIKELY to buy from a retailer with incomplete product data.

Are you willing to roll the dice on more than half of your e-Comm traffic bouncing because you didn’t cross your T and dot your I?

Visit Amber Engine at High Point Market this year in the Retail Resource Center in Plaza Suites. You’ll find us on the First Floor, Booth #3, where we can talk through how easy it is to change the way you manage product data.

Yes, making the switch to Amber Engine takes a little courage. After all, you’re learning a new system and, sometimes, new things can be scary. But, we can promise you this . . . saying goodbye to spreadsheets is going to feel ridiculously good.  

Plus, we offer access to awesome technicians and affable customer support folks who happily guide you through the process, step-by-step. And who, dare we say, can even make it fun!

At the end of the day, a conversation with us is free. And, you might even walk away with a few good tips for enhancing your product data if you decide to go it solo. So, stop by Booth 3 on the First Floor of Plaza Suites to start a conversation that could radically change the way you do product data. WE DARE YOU.