eCommerce Trends

The Endless Aisle: Opportunities & Challenges

One of the ways online retail giants like Amazon and Wayfair draw customers in is by offering an almost limitless selection -  and if it works for them, it can work for you! The concept of the “endless aisle” is a fairly simple one. Utilizing suppliers and drop-shipping, retailers can offer a huge selection of items on their website and sell these items to their customers, without needing to warehouse the products themselves.

5 Tips For Turning Online Browsers Into In-Store Buyers

We’ve got some good news for you! In a 2018 survey of 6,000 consumers worldwide, consulting firm Accenture found that 82 percent of millennials prefer brick-and-mortar stores. Unlike handshakes, 9-to-5 jobs, relationships and avocado toast, Millennials are NOT ruining brick and mortar retail.

Put Your Store in the Spotlight

If video killed the radio star, why are so many home furnishing businesses investing in it? That’s because video is a an affordable form of communication that supports your marketing message in an easily-digestible and approachable form. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to let your brand personality shine, while personally connecting with your customers.

Customer Loyalty in the Store of the Future

As a small business owner, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with the changing nature of your industry. And it’s no wonder. Three decades ago we shopped in person – from store to store, using paper coupons we clipped from the Sunday paper. Today, we rarely set foot in a store, enjoy the ability to automate purchases and feel rewarded by stores who seek our loyalty with personalized offers.

Heart & Hearth Why Social Conscience Matters in Home Furnishings

While the store of the future may be laden with technology and gadgets to make shopping easier and more enjoyable, the heart of the home furnishing store still matters.

Why? As shoppers evolve to change shopping and, subsequently, buying habits, brands must adapt to the rising tide. In the economy of the future, quality and price are no longer viable drivers. Shoppers are looking for retail with a soul.

Advertising the Store of the Future

The future of advertising is changing as much as the future of retail. In addition to becoming infinitely more measurable, the message is evolving. Moving away from the line-tapping zingers of the 90’s and 00’s, brands are striving to protect their image with “safer” commercials that rely heavily on artificial intelligence for a targeted audience that spans mobile, wearable and other online devices.

What’s Old is New Again in the Store of the Future

It’s easy to project a stylized, 2050 filter on the store of the future – with smooth edges and glossy finishes. It’s easy to imagine that iPad’s future-equivalents will sit at the end of every aisle for direction and assistance and that holograms will handle all transactions. It’s easy to assume that robots will take our jobs. And it’s easy to be wrong.

As we research the future of retail, one thing is clear – consumers expect an engaging experience, not cyborgs. They want their in-store retail to be as quick, user-friendly and intuitive as their handheld device, because goods and services at the lowest price are no longer good enough.

Advertising the Store of the Future

You’re setting up an online store, making use of weight-sensing shelves and implementing new shopping technology throughout your store . . . why are you still advertising in the newspaper?

The Store of the Future is where the customers are – online. And, to make the most of your online opportunities and connections, it’s essential that your store (brick or click) also has a dynamic social presence to entice and delight potential customers.

Who’s That Girl? Facial Recognition in Retail

In 1998, Enemy of the State mesmerized and terrified audiences with an intricate web of surveillance cameras. Movie-goers left the theatre with chill bumps, saying, “That could never happen in real life, could it?”

Fast forward 2018, we look at our mobile phone to unlock it with our face.

What is the Store of the Future?

Home furnishings is a dynamic, exciting and ever-changing space that’s challenging every business owner to redefine retail. And it’s not just about reduced prices and free shipping – although that’s a part of it! The way that each business owner evolves their store – whether brick or click – creates the store of the future.

Store of the Future Spotlight: Orian Rugs

When it comes to building the store of the future, Orian Rugs knows that it’s essential to adapt to the tides and times. We sat down with Chief Revenue Officer Brandon Culpepper to find out what makes the American-made leader tick in today’s marketplace. His input offers an insider’s look at retaining relevancy in the changing retail landscape.

Hurdling Sales Barriers in Home Furnishings

Eliminating sales barriers is a bit easier when you’re selling financial services and can justify the ROI. Home furnishings and home décor, however, are very different, not so nimble, beasts. That’s because when someone stands in your showroom, you’re asking for access to their most beloved spaces – their homes.