Get to Know: Amber Engine

Change is Good

As a home furnishings retailer, you’re accustomed to your unique cadence. You know how vendors send product information and, although you’re not satisfied with it, you’ve resigned yourself to dealing with it because that’s ‘just the way it is.’ But what if it doesn’t have to be that way?

It’s Time to Talk About Time (& Your To-Do List)

As a retailer, your time is precious. You shouldn’t be going on wild goose chases to find out whether or not the arm chairs a favored client loves are available in fuchsia – or any color for that matter. You deserve a simpler, easier, more streamlined way to get the answers and information you need about the products you sell. That’s why Amber Engine delivers.

Customer Loyalty in the Store of the Future

As a small business owner, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with the changing nature of your industry. And it’s no wonder. Three decades ago we shopped in person – from store to store, using paper coupons we clipped from the Sunday paper. Today, we rarely set foot in a store, enjoy the ability to automate purchases and feel rewarded by stores who seek our loyalty with personalized offers.

Advertising the Store of the Future

The future of advertising is changing as much as the future of retail. In addition to becoming infinitely more measurable, the message is evolving. Moving away from the line-tapping zingers of the 90’s and 00’s, brands are striving to protect their image with “safer” commercials that rely heavily on artificial intelligence for a targeted audience that spans mobile, wearable and other online devices.

What’s Old is New Again in the Store of the Future

It’s easy to project a stylized, 2050 filter on the store of the future – with smooth edges and glossy finishes. It’s easy to imagine that iPad’s future-equivalents will sit at the end of every aisle for direction and assistance and that holograms will handle all transactions. It’s easy to assume that robots will take our jobs. And it’s easy to be wrong.

As we research the future of retail, one thing is clear – consumers expect an engaging experience, not cyborgs. They want their in-store retail to be as quick, user-friendly and intuitive as their handheld device, because goods and services at the lowest price are no longer good enough.

What is the Store of the Future?

Home furnishings is a dynamic, exciting and ever-changing space that’s challenging every business owner to redefine retail. And it’s not just about reduced prices and free shipping – although that’s a part of it! The way that each business owner evolves their store – whether brick or click – creates the store of the future.

Number One Started Somewhere

In a world where a cell phone costs more than a sofa, how does a small home furnishings business leverage a competitive edge to put them ahead of the competition? A series of smart and strategic choices led by a firm understanding of what differentiates a competitive edge from an unfair advantage.

10 Questions with COO Michael Kumm

Our Chief Operations Officer is one of the masters who helped bring Amber Engine to life alongside CEO and Founder Jennifer Gilbert. His thoughts, ideas, and perspectives are always insightful, so we sat down with him for 10 quick questions about the home furnishings industry, technology and his advice for those struggling with the online portion of their business.

Furniture Forward: The Amber Engine Story

Chaucer wrote, “Time and tide wait for no man.” We would like to add an exception: the furniture industry. Jennifer Gilbert, Amber Engine Founder and CEO, earned an Interior Design degree from Michigan State University in the early 90s. She went to work for herself and eventually turned design into a hobby when she started a family with husband, Dan Gilbert.