Product Data: When DIYers Suddenly Want DIFM

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We’re betting that when you started your journey as a furniture maker/manufacturer, you probably wanted to build things. Beautiful things! Things that tell stories, become sacred memories and add richness to the lives of their owners.

We’re also betting that you never once thought about product data.

Ahhhhhhh, product data . . . the essential element that no one enjoys completing, but everyone needs for sales success and customer satisfaction. Until now.

Amber Engine exists to help furniture manufacturers and retailers maximize their business with the seamless creation and distribution of product data. Here’s how it works:

  1. Our experts gather all of your product information in a single repository – no stray pieces of paper or errant spreadsheets allowed.

  2. We review your data for accuracy and consistency – with an eye to best-practice fields, materials, measurements, and components.

  3. Then, our writers enrich your elements with consumer-ready descriptions, including product names and descriptions, both short and long, that accelerate the journey from browse to buy.

We then distribute your product data to the retailers currently selling your products.

  1. We package and prepare your data to be received in the proper format by your retailers.

  2. We make all of that information available to retailers to manage from one single place, eliminating redundant efforts and the requirement of additional resources. 

When furniture manufacturers work with Amber Engine, it creates count-on-it consistencies. That’s because you’re not trusting your valuable products to anyone other than proven professionals in the home furnishings space. After all, even the most well-meaning and good-intentioned retailer only has 24-hours in a day. He or she may not have the time, attention or content-skills necessary to complete product data and descriptions in a way that sells your products over everyone else’s.

Why not take a breather from doleful tasks and get back to building beautiful furnishings and home décor? Let someone else handle your product copy and specifications in a way that reduces returns, creates happier customers and earns higher profits.

With product data, it’s easy to slide the paperwork over and say, “do it for me.” After all, we’re betting that you’re WAY better at building furniture and home décor than filling out spreadsheets!