The Future is TODAY!

SHIFT Tech Summit is just around the corner and Amber Engine is bursting with excitement! We have a spectacular lineup of speakers who will introduce you to mind-blowing topics, exciting new business practices and, of course, the best technology on the market to give you the store of the future.

In fact, we are so into the technology piece that this year’s summit features an onsite store. Oh yeah – you read that right. While you’re here, you can get your hands on cutting edge technology and then, take it home with you. (Goodbye get-home-to-do list . . . HELLO ACTION!)

Here’s a sneak peek of a few things you can expect to see at the SHIFT store:

Endless Aisle Kiosks

As we look at the marriage of brick-and-click, retailers are bringing the internet into the store for an enhanced shopping experience. While you’re at SHIFT, put your hands on a kiosk, browse the endless aisles and get a first-hand look at whether this is something you want to use to enhance your in-store experience for your customers.  

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping tracks traffic flow through your store to identify natural browsing patterns. This shines a light on merchandising opportunities and gives store owners important data to impact walking paths. Heat mapping technology also helps retailers understand the effectiveness of displays by showing how many people stop to interact with end caps, in-aisle features, etc.

AR Furniture Configurator

Help your clients “see” the possibilities with augmented reality. This clever piece of technology takes the guesswork out of room arrangements with precision scaling for zero guesswork. It’s a must-have if you work with people who struggle with imagination or seeing the “after.”

Of course, we’ll have tons of other amazing additions – this is just a small glimpse of what will be available to you during your time at SHIFT.

When it comes to the Store of the Future, Amber Engine is dedicated to helping move the home furnishings industry forward with innovative technology . . . TODAY.

Do not delay success! Now is the time to SHIFT your business – not only to improve your bottom line, but to enhance customer experience and create a seamless transaction between you, your vision and your customer/client. The future is TODAY– get to know the Store of the Future, at SHIFT.