Boost Your Biz with Las Vegas Market

Las Vegas Market will be here before you know it and we want to help you make the most of your time – not just with meetings and sales, but with social media growth and additional website traffic, as well.

Before Las Vegas Market

There’s a lot that goes into getting ready for Market, but a few extra steps could add major traffic to your website and/or social media accounts for an uptick in conversions. So, in addition to securing your booth, planning your walking map for booth visits and setting meetings with associates, shout it out!

The week prior to Market, share the good news that you’re going with clients, vendors and other business associates. People can’t network with you if they don’t know you’re there! Tell people what you’re looking forward to seeing and where to find you – including your company’s booth number and the public events and celebrations you plan to attend.

You can also leak some of the juicy detail and highlights about what customers can expect from your booth. Are you unveiling a new line? Serving snacks prepared by Gordon Ramsay? Hosting a Q&A with the former FLOTUS? Use social media to build some buzz to ensure you have plenty of guests.   

However, a word of warning – even though Las Vegas Market is a comfortable space for home furnishings professionals, you must keep personal safety in mind. Don’t share the location of your hotel or any other pertinent private information someone could use to harm you.

During Las Vegas Market

Take to social media with lovely images from the show. Whether you’re highlighting your own amazing collection or sharing treasured finds, be sure to keep your “at home” community in the loop. Tag your clients and make them feel included in the experience – even if you’re not currently shopping for them.

Also, take the opportunity to go-live or add to your Story. There are so many wonderful live moments that happen at Las Vegas Market that it only makes sense to share those with people who can’t be in attendance. Remember, a member of the home furnishings industry, you’re in a highly coveted position. There are tons of people who would love to go to Market. Use the power of social media to take them there!

After Las Vegas Market

Kick off your shoes and pour yourself a hard-earned drink! After you get home from Las Vegas Market, take time to reflect on all the things you saw and experienced. Then, use those things to create content for your website and add extra posts to your social media accounts. Just remember that, when writing a blog or article, you should only publish on your website and THEN share to various social media channels. This ensures ownership of the content.  

And, before the people and places you visited become distant in your memory, be sure to evoke the hospitality you experienced, too. Send public-facing “Thank you” messages to anyone who contributed to your success or offered an exceptional customer service experience. Just don’t forget to tag them! (Note: this doesn’t always have to be another home furnishing professional – hotels, restaurants, etc. also deserve a nod.)  


Whether before, during or after Las Vegas Market, there are myriad opportunities to promote your business and grow your audience. Cadence is key, but keep in mind that you don’t have to use the standard restraint. Have fun, show the world what you’re seeing and celebrate your access level to this amazing event! All of this combines for a Very Happy Market.