The Power of Pinterest

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As a home furnishings or home décor professional, you know the importance of imagery in your business. You also know the influence that social media has on decision making and purchasing. But, it’s easy to become blind to and overlook a visual giant when Facebook looms large over the social media landscape.

Remember Pinterest.

A study by eMarketer concluded that Facebook is the only platform that outranks Pinterest when it comes to buying influence. Yes, read that again. Pinterest is second only to Facebook as it relates to purchasing.

Albeit small in size, with 200 million monthly users, it’s mighty in influencing power.

Think about it: when you’re planning a new room in your home, when you’re dreaming about the perfect wedding, when you’re crafting the perfect holiday party . . . where do you go? Pinterest.

And, when Pinners are building their boards, whose images are they pinning? If they’re not yours, you’re missing out on sales.

  • 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan their purchases.

  • 67% discovered a new brand or product from business content on Pinterest.

  • 1 of 2 Pinners make a purchase after seeing a promoted pin.

  • And, most importantly to the home furnishings industry, people on Pinterest spend 27% MORE ON HOME DECOR than non-Pinners.


Additionally, according to an Oracle Cloud study, businesses who promoted their pins drove 5X greater in-store sales than on other platforms.

So, how do you make the most of your Pinterest presence?

  1. Make sure you have a business account. This allows analytics and reporting to help you understand where you can make adjustments to your content and publishing schedule.

  2. Add “save” buttons to select images in your website’s photo gallery. You can choose from the standard pin or elect a hover button that only appears when someone mouses over the image.

  3. Pin on a consistent basis – with a focus on the platform’s peak times: evenings and weekends.

  4. Focus on creating amazing visuals. Since the platform is image rich, showcase your beautiful products in amazing ways. If you’re free to use manufacturer’s images or stock photography, do so! Your goal is to create a compelling image people will want to pin!

  5. Keep pin descriptions short and useful. Keep in mind that people will search for specific terms related to what they want to see – so think about how someone might look for your pin.

  6. Use rich pins. These provide more information to the Pinner via categories and meta tags. You’ll have to verify the pins, so they’re a bit more work, but the time is worthwhile.

  7. Seek to inspire. When you share beautiful imagery and add a bit of information about creating the look, you’re building an audience that trusts you’re there for them. And, if things go south with their design attempt, they’ll know who to call for professional help!

  8. Engage your audience. Remember that it’s not all about you! Like other people’s pins, re-pin, comment and be human. It’s more fun that way!

  9. Use hashtags. This makes your content easier to find and follow.

  10. Build relationships with influencers in your area of expertise. Find decorators, stylists or other enthusiasts who can use the products you want to promote and leverage a mutually-beneficial work arrangement to access one another’s audiences.

Are you ready to get started? Are you inspired to brush up your Pinterest presence and re-ignite a forgotten fire?

There’s power in Pinterest for the home furnishings industry – and Wayfair is the proof! Now, get out there and get pinning! We can’t wait to see the boards you create and to hear about the sales you’re bringing in.