Insta-Success: Home Furnishings Shine on Instagram

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When it comes to digital marketing, Instagram is the perfect place to share your showroom and product showcases. Obviously, you want to create aesthetically pleasing images, but the best brands take things a step farther to use the platform for teasers and customer engagement. Here are a few of our top tips for Insta-success in the home furnishings and design industries.

  1. Post daily. Your audience comes to rely on your feed for ideas and inspirations. So, give the people what they want – and don’t forget to tag the people who helped create the scene you’re sharing.

  2. Use your location. Location tagging is great for garnering new followers. Whether you find inspiration at the fishing pier, High Point, or on vacation in Italy . . . tag it! Those who follow that tag will also see your post and, hopefully, start following your account.

  3. Use hashtags. Research popular and emerging hashtags online for your niche and customer base, then use them! Some people use them in the caption area, others hold them for the comments after the image is shared. You’re allowed 30 hashtags on Instagram. Some people use them all, some people are more selective. Define your strategy and stick with it.

  4. Read your analytics and post accordingly. If you see that your posts are most popular mid-day, you don’t want to waste time posting at midnight. Figure out when your audience is active and use that window to share your best content.

  5. Ask questions in your comments section. This encourages interaction – not just hearts! Don’t forget to go back to answer questions and make additional comments. When you engage, you create a better connection with your followers.

  6. Give a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes. Yes, you want to share your prettiest products and designs, but don’t be afraid to be real. Show the paint spilled on the floor, capture the crew carrying the sofa, come clean about the uneven curtain rod – it’s all part of the process. Not to mention a part of the fun!

  7. Show appreciation for fans and followers. Don’t be afraid to give a shout out or share a customer’s DIY work on your feed. When you create community, you’ll get more likes, mentions, and comments.

How are you using Instagram to promote your home furnishings business? Do you share before and after photos of your designs? Which of these tips are you putting into place for your business?

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