Get to Know: Amber Engine

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In today’s furniture game, the hustle is REAL. That’s why it pays to know about companies like Amber Engine. After all, Amber Engine is the service you never knew you needed!

We are a technology-obsessed company that's dedicated to saving clients time and money by providing complete, accurate and timely product data to retail websites – so that furniture practically sells itself.

Amber Engine serves both sides of the home furnishings industry as an agnostic partner dedicated to moving furniture retail forward in a more efficient manner. This means we support both:

  1. Furniture manufacturers and

  2. Furniture retailers. 

How Does Amber Engine Work?

Our process starts with furniture manufacturers, who send product data to us – in much the same way they would send it to retailers. The difference is that we double-check the data for accuracy, improve formatting, write the romance copy and make sure everything is error-free when we load it into our system to pass on to furniture retailers.  

Furniture retailers then select the manufacturers they work with, along with the products they sell. The selected product data is transferred to the retailer in the format that makes the most sense for them, so their customers have the information they need to make an empowered buying decision.

This means that furniture retailers no longer need to dedicate hours of time to creating customer-friendly product data. The Amber Engine team does it in an easy, seamless, and affordable way.

Why Does Amber Engine Offer This Service?

We understand the true velocity of product additions and descriptions because our company was built by people in the home furnishings industry who wanted to solve for the tenuous step between receiving and presenting product data.

By automating the time-consuming step, Amber Engine takes great pride in giving clients precious time back, so they can use it to focus on growing their business.

But, we don’t stop with a phenomenal service. The entire Amber Engine team is driven to move the furniture industry forward with innovative technology. That’s why we also sponsor technology summits, like SHIFT Tech Summit, to help retailers learn how to create their store of the future.

Technology in home furnishings is our passion, so we leverage our strengths to do what’s best for our customers and our team. That’s why we base every decision on our core values: teamwork, commitment, growth, and integrity.

We believe it makes a difference, not only in what we do but to the people we serve.

What about you? Are you a client who appreciates the Amber Engine difference? Are you a home furnishings retailer who wants to learn more about the ways we can automate product data for you? Are you a manufacturer who wants to enhance your product data? Leave a comment below or use our contact form to reach out. We want to hear from you!