Furniture Forward: The Amber Engine Story

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Chaucer wrote, “Time and tide wait for no man.” We would like to add an exception: the furniture industry.

Jennifer Gilbert, Amber Engine Founder and CEO, earned an Interior Design degree from Michigan State University in the early 90s. She went to work for herself and eventually turned design into a hobby when she started a family with her husband, Dan Gilbert.

After 15 years she decided to re-engage her passion – only to find that nothing changed in the way the furniture industry does business. Inspired by technology, Jennifer created Doodle Home – a design ecosystem where brands, consumers and designers collaborated on a single platform. The challenge, though, was manual data entry. She spent so much time on product data that there was nothing left for innovation.

That’s when her passion shifted. Gilbert says of the transition, “I desperately wanted to solve the product data challenge for the home furnishings industry.”

She sold Doodle Home in December and launched Amber Engine one month later.

And the vision behind Amber Engine? Gilbert says, “The team I worked with built on three guiding principles: the new platform should be flexible, agnostic and affordable. I didn’t want to only appeal to the manufacturer or retailer. I wanted to work in partnership with the ENTIRE home furnishings industry – a give and take of complete, accurate, timely and current product data. It’s product data that fuels our industry’s engine.”

With Amber Engine, the tides and times are changing for the home furnishings industry.

Those in partnership are moving away from faxing and emailing spreadsheets and manually inputting data. In fact, Amber Engine’s platform increases productivity on both sides of the supply chain – by about 30-hours each week.

In fact, this was Gilbert’s desire when she ran Doodle Home. With 30 additional hours of marketing, merchandising, sales and relationship building – without additional headcount – she would’ve had a very different business. Now, with Amber Engine, she offers that opportunity to other people in the home furnishings industry.

Looking forward she says, “As we grow and learn from developing our platform, we’re identifying even more ways to be in service of the home furnishings industry. We’re always curious and want to know the specifics of what users want and need from their product data. We’re interested in the cadence users prefer to send and receive that information.”

Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, or sales representative, you’ll find Amber Engine provides a better way to solve for product data challenges.