May Cause Trust - AR/VR's Unexpected Benefits

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Side effects may include dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, and loss of balance. But, what about “may cause trust”?

As brick and virtual showrooms merge, it’s important to consider the trust factor when building business in both spaces. That’s why we assembled the Trust Shortlist.

  1. Have goals, missions, and visions beyond your bottom-line. Yes – you’re here to run a business and businesses need to make money to survive. However, your customers want to know that you’re in it for something more than money. That’s why Simon Sinek’s quote is so popular. He says, “People don’t buy what you do. They buy WHY you do it.” Do you remember why you wanted to get into home furnishings in the first place? Whether a family tradition, a passion for quality design, a desire to provide affordable home fashions – share it. The information exchange makes you REAL.

  2. Don’t forget to be human. Yes, human! If phone trees worked, would we ever push the button to speak to a live customer service agent? Never. Business automation and advanced technologies are essential for growing a better business, but you can’t forget the value of the human touch. That’s why people visit your store instead of ordering online from a big box retailer. Prep your team to be hospitable, friendly, and service-oriented. Just don’t forget to track those successful exchanges. People trust people, so testimonials are essential. Collect the satisfaction stories of happy customers and share those out to foster trust with new people.

  3. Let clients take your furniture home. You’re a savvy retailer who knows that people visit your store for the touch factor. It’s nice to sit on a sofa of interest to ensure that it’s a good fit. But, what happens when that customer goes home? They’re often left scratching their head making newspaper cutouts for their living room floor. With AR/VR technology, potential customers can “see” the piece of interest, to-scale, in their home. Not only can they figure out if the size and style works with other furniture in the space, they can try different fabrics and patterns. The freedom may even inspire a bold design choice or larger upsell. And, when you empower your customer with powerful tools for a satisfactory buying experience, they keep coming back for more.

“May cause trust” is a delightfully unexpected twist to the home furnishings marketplace. When you add elements like Marxent’s 3D Furniture CloudTM or build your own app to work with your Amber Engine updated home furnishings online catalog, you’re not only grabbing sales – you’re deepening relationships. And, with Allied Market Research’s projected Home Décor Market estimated earnings of $664 billion by 2020, now is the best time to start laying a strong foundation of trust for your home furnishings business.