Lovefest: Amber Engine + Detroit

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As “happily ever afters” go, we couldn’t be more content to make our home in the Motor City. Of course, the most popular response we hear from the people we do business with is, “Ummmm . . . really? What?”

Sadly, the Detroit of 10+ years ago hung a heavy cloud over people’s perceptions. But, gone are the days of decline – when residents abandoned their homes in search of more hopeful economic forecasts. In fact, today’s determined Detroiters reclaimed many abandoned lots to create urban farms, like Recovery Park and Food Field. These genius creations operate in an eco-friendly fashion, provide fresh produce for the area and create jobs for our neighbors.

It’s this kind of relentless ingenuity that makes us so proud of our home. It’s a spirit that envelopes the city, and everyone in it, while we build a brighter future for all who live here.

And, we’re not alone in our appreciation. In fact, our “New City” is such a happy surprise that Lonely Planet named us in the “Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2018”. Yes, you read that right! People from around the globe are now packing their bags and heading to Detroit for inspiration and relaxation.

Managing Editor of Lonely Planet, Alex Howard, sang praise for our new hotels, stadium, parks and “ever-changing creative energy and innovation”.

Visit our city and you’ll find that cutting-edge designers are incorporating rainwater catchment gardens and car-charging stations, which isn’t that much of a divergence from our American Motors past as you might expect. Ford and GM are always innovating to discover and develop more eco-friendly transportation options.

Speaking of transportation, we love the Q-line Streetcar. It helps our business guests navigate from Campus Martius down Woodward Avenue for a charming sightseeing experience. For a lovely walk or bike ride, we recommend the Greenway – which has plans to encompass the entire city – and The Waterfront.

Of course, for visitors who crave more excitement, we recommend a game at the city's new Little Caesar’s Arena for basketball, hockey, or concerts. With four professional teams housed in three arenas all within walking distance of each other, Detroit is the best sports town in the country – hands down.

As locals, we love to spend Saturdays meandering through the Eastern Market District and their sprawling Farmer’s Market. Or, we'll take a short trip to gorgeous Belle Isle, which rests just outside the city in the Detroit River; it's the perfect place for an afternoon of biking, picnics, visiting its conservancy, or soaking in views of the both the Canadian and Detroit skylines. Did we mention? Canada is right at our doorstep! And, on Saturday night, we’re out and about sampling the newest restaurants in the area. There are far too many wonderful places to name, so if you visit, know that you can’t go wrong!

Maybe all of the above is why NY Times Travel listed our city in their annual “52 Places to Go” list.

Or, that Inc. Magazine put us in the Top 5 Cities for attracting Amazon’s HQ2.

All in all, we love our city, only because it has so much to offer from a business and entertainment perspective, but because of the creatives, visionaries and entrepreneurs who didn’t give up on us when others did. We love our city because our people are tough and tenacious, yet kind and courteous.

But, most of all, we love our city because our city loves us back. Detroit gives residents faster commute times, lower housing prices, an overall lower cost of living and a 100% guarantee that we will never be attacked by sharks (unless we leave, of course).  

Want to learn more about the innovation that drives Detroit? Check out the story behind Amber Engine or have a conversation with a member of our team. You’ll quickly see that Mid-Western values, forward-thinking and technology go effortlessly hand-in-hand.