7 Things We Love About High Point Market


Another High Point Market is just around the corner, and as our team prepares to pack, we’re reminded of all the things we love about going to this Market!

1)  It’s Not Just a Market, It’s a Town

When you come for the High Point Market experience, you’re also getting the High Point, NC (the town) experience. We love having the chance to go from building to building to see different showrooms, while getting a taste of North Carolina's charm along the way! High Point’s history in the home furnishings industry is rich – and we love being surrounded by it.

2)  Exchange of Inspirations

Seeing the new styles on display across showrooms reminds us just how talented our industry colleagues truly are. We also always gain insights from the conversations we have with retailers and manufacturers, whether in passing, at the booth, or in line for lunch! Even returning to the Retailer Resource Center and seeing what other technology and service providers have been up to gives us a renewed sense of excitement and purpose.

3)  Celebrity Sightings

Seeing celebrities from the home furnishings industry in person seems to be one of the evergreen joys of Market. Whether it’s the Scott Brothers, Donny Osmond, Jane Seymour, or Kathy Ireland, we always enjoy seeing how this community brings together people from all backgrounds!

4) Recognizing Industry Greats  

This is an industry defined by its trailblazers. That’s why we’re glad High Point Market gives us the chance to recognize those folks for their accomplishments together as an industry, in person.  

5) It’s Not Just About the Showrooms  

High Point Market also gives us the chance to attend awesome seminars conducted by thought leaders in the field. As much as we go to Market to promote our business, we also go to learn how to grow it in new and savvier ways.

6) The Extracurriculars

When we come to High Point Market, we know that it isn’t necessarily all work. Part of the fun is the conversation and socializing that happens on the side – during the receptions, dinners, and happy hours. The evening events can be some of the most memorable moments of the week!

7) Reconnecting with Friends  

We know that in this industry, the people we interact with at Market aren’t just associates or customers – they’re friends and family. We love seeing people in person that we otherwise only get to call or email. Our relationships are strong and rooted in a common sense of commitment, and coming together at High Point Market is a great reminder of the bonds we share!

What do you love most about High Point Market?