3 eCommerce Strategies to Help You Sell More

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So, you have a living, breathing ecommerce website? Congrats! You must know that engaging your shoppers online isn’t just a nice-to-have, but a must if you want to fully capture their attention and dollars. That’s because as we know, even if they’re not shopping directly online (although home furnishings ecommerce sales have soared in the last decade), the majority of people are doing online research about products before they step foot in a store.

But how can you maximize the business benefit of your ecommerce site?  While there are many factors that can drive ecommerce revenue, let’s start with these three high-impact strategies.

Provide Content that Delights

Your shoppers only care about product images, right? As long as you’ve got a photo or two that people can click through, with some basic facts like dimension, you’re good.

Not exactly.

Your shoppers also want to see useful information alongside those product images, from robust product descriptions, to full features lists, to genuinely helpful information on your FAQs page. Consider that 94% of shoppers will abandon a website or give up if they can’t find the information they need to make an informed purchase.

Content can also delight when it reflects your brand’s personality. Consider that your ecommerce site may be a shopper’s very first touchpoint with you. What do you want that interaction to say about your brand? For example, if you make customer service a differentiator in your brick-and-mortar store, let that shine through online, too. You could tell the story of your company and its mission on your About Us page, or highlight customer service awards you’ve won.

Serve Up a Friendly User Experience  

A primary goal of your ecommerce site should be getting shoppers to what they’re looking for, quickly and easily. That’s what good UX (user experience) helps ensure. When you’re building a website with UX in mind, you’re asking questions like: is it easy for my customers to navigate through the site and find what they need?

How you categorize products, how you tag them with terms, or how you lay out a product page all factor into your shoppers’ satisfaction and success on your site. So whether that means adding a Boolean search bar to the top of your navigation or featuring best-selling items directly on your homepage, put yourself in your shoppers' shoes and adjust your website’s architecture accordingly. For more on UX, check out this article from UX Planet.

Flaunt Your Credibility

Reaffirming your company’s credibility is an easy way to build trust and prompt people to purchase. Displaying earned icons like an SSL badge (Secure Site Seal) can give shoppers confidence that their purchasing information is safe. Keeping contact information front and center, and posting shipping and return policies, can also be simple value adds!

And don’t forget the power of customer reviews. Few things pack as big a punch as feedback from other shoppers. People trust the opinions of those who have actually purchased your products, because real customers are less likely to be viewed as biased.  

Start with these three strategies to optimize your ecommerce site and you’ll be on your way to selling more!