Ecommerce Product Descriptions That Sell

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Before you buy something, what do you do?

If you’re like 65% of consumers, you might do research online.  You want to learn more about a product before you click “buy”, or before you spend an afternoon wandering from store to store. What you find online can either encourage or discourage your decision to purchase.

This consumer time online means the content you put on your product pages really does matter. Images can only tell part of a product’s story. It’s the product descriptions that fill in the blanks, transforming interest into purchase.

But what does a good product description, one that can actually inspire sales, look like? 

“Sofa Table: Gorgeous group features u-shaped legs in a rustic brown metal finish with a lower shelf and storage drawers.”

Take the above product description. It tells us some general things about the table, but it doesn’t tell us a lot we couldn’t already see from an image. And it’s not exactly engaging or inspiring.

Now compare to:

“Ellery Industrial Brown Sofa Table: This long brown sofa table, constructed of wood in dark brown finish, features a large bottom shelf for decorations, storage, or your favorite houseplants, with two drawers below for even more organization potential. A distressed, rust-effect finish gives this table’s metal legs a sense of industrial appeal, a versatile look that can fit well within a variety of interior themes ranging from urban contemporary to country farmhouse. Enjoy this sofa table as a stand-alone piece or pair with matching tables from the Ellery Collection.”

What’s the difference?

Notice the focus on details, written with language that’s descriptive and compelling (the “romance copy”). The product’s features (color, material, finish, style) are highlighted, along with how the piece can be used in someone’s home, and what types of design aesthetics it might fit well with. The description brings the table into the consumer’s own home, with an emphasis on its benefits when put to use. That isn’t just a bottom shelf, it’s a bottom shelf with two drawers that will help you stay more organized.

We also learn that this table’s collection features matching pieces – helpful to know for those on the hunt for a full set. And the product name –a nondescript sofa table now shares information about collection type, style, and color right from the get-go.  

When written with personality, attention to detail, and with the consumer in mind, descriptions can bring your products to life. They can showcase the pride and passion you have for your products. And if you’re not excited about what you sell, why would anyone else be?

Pair an engaging product description with a bulleted list of additional features (pricing, measurements, components, delivery, and assembly), and you’ve got a product page your consumers will love.  Consider, too, that product pages that showcase quality descriptions can support your SEO efforts. Search engines favor sites that provide useful information!  

By choosing to showcase quality product descriptions on your ecommerce site, you’re choosing to sell more.