How Internships Help the Future of Our Industry

It’s Intern Season! If you’re not welcoming in the newest members of the home furnishings family, you’re missing out. At Amber Engine, we welcome interns every year. Not only do we introduce them to multiple parts of the home furnishings industry, we find that we are learning new things and gleaning inspiration from them and their enthusiasm.  The right intern is a win-win for business.

A Happier Home Furnishings Industry

Maintaining a positive company culture in the new home furnishings world is essential to your success as a retailer – both online and in your brick-and-mortar. After all, your employees are your best ambassadors for how easy it is to work with you, not just the quality of your products and services.

If you’re not sure how to start (or keep) the positive momentum going, we have a few tips to help you recharge your team.

SHIFT to the Store of the Future

When you think about a store of the future, what do you see?

At this year’s SHIFT Tech Summit, to be held October 2-3 in Detroit, we’ll fast forward the retail experience for a look at things to come. After all, if you want to succeed in today’s competitive, omni-channel world, your store must embrace cutting-edge technology and implement smart strategies to improve branding, build customer loyalty, and exceed customer expectations.

Voice Search Ups the Online Furnishings Sales Game

With the introduction of Google Home and Amazon Echo, people are growing more accustomed to accepting automated assistance. Think about it: when was the last time you looked up how many tablespoons are in a ¼ cup? Didn’t you just ask Alexa instead? And, now that smart speakers and phones are connected to shopping outlets, people are starting to order things – sometimes without the assistance of a screen. Which changes the online retail game . . . again.

Create Customer Engagement in the Home Furnishings Industry

In simplest terms, customer engagement is all about the way your customers interact (aka: engage) with your brand online. Do they comment? Buy? Recommend? Participate in quizzes and contests? If so, you have a strong base for generating revenue, building loyalty and creating lasting relationships that stand the ups-and-downs of a changing retail landscape.

Your Lucky 7 List for Better Home Furnishings Technology

With platforms like Amazon changing the way we all do business, it’s tempting to stick our heads between our proverbial designer pillows and fight the tech tidal wave. But, that’s only a smart strategy if you want to lose business. For business people who have bills to pay, there are several improved options to make integrating technology in your retail workspace easier than ever. And, the payoff may be hefty.

Furniture Forward: The Amber Engine Story

Chaucer wrote, “Time and tide wait for no man.” We would like to add an exception: the furniture industry. Jennifer Gilbert, Amber Engine Founder and CEO, earned an Interior Design degree from Michigan State University in the early 90s. She went to work for herself and eventually turned design into a hobby when she started a family with husband, Dan Gilbert.