IoT, AR, VR - Oh My! What's Ahead in Home Furnishings Technology

When people talk about today's technology it sometimes sounds like they’re speaking another language. IoT? AR? VR? While this alphabet soup might be native tongue to those in the tech world, many in other industries are left to wonder: do I need to speak the language, too? And, more importantly: what exactly could this technology do for my business?

Tell a Better Story with Product Data

Think about the last time you told a story.

Perhaps you were at the table with your family or at a restaurant with friends.

As stories go, you probably had a beginning, middle and end, but the details in between is where you had your fun, right? Maybe you inflated a few details to make the adventure seem larger than life: we were in the middle of nowhere and hadn’t seen another car for hours. Or, perhaps you omitted key pieces to create suspense and keep your listeners guessing: I couldn’t make out the shadow clearly, but I could tell by the footsteps it was enormous. And that’s fun, for stories told at the dinner table or with friends.

In real life, when you tell the story of your products and services, you don’t want to leave customers guessing. That’s where product data comes in.