The Shipping Solution

Shipping can be the sticky wicket for a small retailer with an online store. Charge too much and you lose customers. Charge too little and you lose money. Either way, you’re crashing the shopping cart in grand fashion. But, that doesn’t mean that online retailers shouldn’t try to tame the shipping and handling beast. Here are our tips to take the sting out of that side of the business.

Insta-Success: Home Furnishings Shine on Instagram

When it comes to digital marketing, Instagram is the perfect place to share your showroom and product showcases. Obviously, you want to create aesthetically pleasing images, but the best brands take things a step farther to use the platform for teasers and customer engagement. Here are a few of our top tips for Insta-success in the home furnishings and design industries.

10 Questions with COO Michael Kumm

Our Chief Operations Officer is one of the masters who helped bring Amber Engine to life alongside CEO and Founder Jennifer Gilbert. His thoughts, ideas, and perspectives are always insightful, so we sat down with him for 10 quick questions about the home furnishings industry, technology and his advice for those struggling with the online portion of their business.

How Internships Help the Future of Our Industry

It’s Intern Season! If you’re not welcoming in the newest members of the home furnishings family, you’re missing out. At Amber Engine, we welcome interns every year. Not only do we introduce them to multiple parts of the home furnishings industry, we find that we are learning new things and gleaning inspiration from them and their enthusiasm.  The right intern is a win-win for business.

A Happier Home Furnishings Industry

Maintaining a positive company culture in the new home furnishings world is essential to your success as a retailer – both online and in your brick-and-mortar. After all, your employees are your best ambassadors for how easy it is to work with you, not just the quality of your products and services.

If you’re not sure how to start (or keep) the positive momentum going, we have a few tips to help you recharge your team.