Detroit-based Amber Engine, part of the Quicken Loans Family of Companies,
was founded by a team of home furnishing industry innovators, technologists
and business experts. We offer solutions that meet the unique needs of manufacturers, retailers and e-tailers to help further innovation
across the home furnishings industry.




Amber Engine was founded by Jennifer Gilbert, a residential designer with more than twenty years of experience in interior design and home furnishings.

Prior to starting Amber Engine, Jennifer founded Doodle Home, an interior design firm that sought to establish an ecosystem for brands, consumers and designers. While running Doodle Home, it became clear that the home furnishings industry lacked an intuitive solution for managing product data, and that such was limiting opportunities for innovation. Seizing the opportunity to drive real change for the industry and its consumers, Jennifer sold Doodle Home to Dering Hall in 2015 and founded Amber Engine, with the aim to create a single source for the most accurate, complete and timely product data.

Though the initial project was termed "Switzerland", to represent the product as neutral and agnostic across the industry, the company eventually settled on the name Amber Engine, a reference to theAmber Room. Considered an Eighth Wonder of the World, the Amber Room was a beautifully-designed Prussian chamber covered from floor to ceiling in amber, a symbol of innovation and ingenuity.

In the spirit of that tradition, Amber Engine set out to offer an innovative solution that met the unique needs of both retailers and manufacturers through a solution that supported accurate, timely and complete product data. Today, we continue that mission, moving toward a comprehensive solution that will further innovation across the home furnishings industry.